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For an Appointment or information on Quantum Reiki Energy Healing Services for Pets and other Animals, please Contact   Aranka Fisher and please do not pay until you have an appt.  Thank you

Aranka Fisher is our highly skilled Quantum Reiki Energy Practitioner & Teacher and a Reiki Master. 

Please Drink MORE Filtered WATER and give your Pets and Animals much More Fresh WATER Daily to help them Re-Hydrate.

as all the wireless and wifi tech. is 'radiating/ cooking' and drying up the cells in many life forms on Earth).   thank you 







Presently the planet's and her life forms' well-being are seriously in danger.from high exposure to Wireless WIFI technologies & devices that are known to emit EMR or Electromagnetic Radiation causing Life forms on Earth many types of health issues ie.

stress, immune sys. malfunction, poor sleep, brain pain & disorders, mind fog, memory loss, headaches, depression, moodiness, lack of empathy, anger, fear, hypertension, heart disorders, respiratory issues, cancers, Chronic Fatigue, teeth pain, eye sight issues, fertility dysfunctions, tinnitus (ringing in ears) and much more).


WIRELESS devices include

smart phones, routers, wifi laptops tablets watches etc.,, smart meters, Cell Towers (millions in USA alone),Cell Antennas, 4G & now the much more harmful 5G (its shocking to look up and see the mass installation of many power lines with various 5G cells, wifi devices, surveillance cameras  etc, being installed all over our region since late 2019 and  nationwide...


****The Matural world's birds, wildlife, sea life, nimals are highly sensitive. to wifi and 5G and being badly affected. even dying suddenly from 5g exposure.*******



(a top global published expert on WIRELESS tech. and the health dangers has been done by Dr. Martin Pall from WSU,  he has done extensive research for decades on the affects of exposure to wireless tech. and his publications are available free online) 


All types of WIFI Technology in use are 'radiating, cooking, heating  up' the cells of any life form's body that is exposed to it,  the Natural world, trees, Animals, plants, water etc. are all affected too. WIFI causes continuous EMF stress to the immune system.

Please Drink MORE Filtered WATER and give your Pets and Animals much More Fresh WATER Daily to help them Re-Hydrate.

thank you 



just search online for EMF protection and shielding devices ie.: 

silver lined fabrics & clothing, hats etc., special EM shielding paints,  Tensor Field rings and devices (that can be used for many things: harmonize the environment, filter out EMF, and filter water) (see  for top quality devices)

also search: safe EMF shielding to make a simple EMF Faraday cage, also Search our Facebook pg. - from 2018, for various EMF shielding devices, links and books like "All  EMF*D  Up" by Anne Mills, also see FB groups for Electro-sensitive (ES) people (animals are too) for research, info, support groups.   




All Living things need Pure Source Light energy to help their whole Being to detox energize and activate their self healing abilities...

either in person or done Distantly (its almost the same in benefits for the animal).


Because Animals are intuitively guided, their pineal gland or '3rd eye' is typically open and activated day and night and connected 'energetically' to their Soul, Source, etc. to receive pure LIGHT, love, Higher consciousness for healing and knowledge... 


Animals Know and trust in energy healing.

  • they love getting connected to Universal Source of pure Love & Light energy to help them be en-lightened, Higher Soul connected, for healing Light, knowledge, Soul Love and guidance.

  • Animals can easily read and feel the Energy vibration, emotions and thoughts of others and Earth's vibrations, (earthquakes etc.).


Animals trust and enjoy Aranka's Higher Loving Light vibration, loving energy and evolved energy healing skills.


This Quantum Reiki Method

  • was developed by Aranka Fisher at Reiki Golden Healing in 2012.

  • this method refers to the animal body as having 7* Key parts, etheric and physical, and includes: a Soul, pineal gland, all energy chakras, Mind consciousness & Freewill , Emotional sys., physical body-Cells, a unique Soul connected Personality)

  • is a very advanced natural and Holistic Source Light energy wellness method 

  • Quantum Reiki can help the animal to easily & quickly experience a deep Source, Earth, Soul & whole body* (all 7* parts) Higher Light energy connection,

  • to get deeply enlightened on all levels and to activate their self healing abilities naturally. 

Animals Can Easily Communicate Telepathically 

via their Higher Consciousness connection the Pineal gland or 3rd eye, (located in Higher 6th chakra):

  • Animals are intuitively guided,

  • their Pineal gland is open and being used) unlike most Humans. 

  • Animals are loving social beings and

  • they need Light, Love, understanding, compassion, freedom, respect, socializing, fresh clean water daily, various organic fresh live foods, grooming, bathing, sun light, healthy lifestyle  etc. for their own long life and happiness.

What Is A ANIMAL Quantum Reiki Treatment 


  • Aranka will do your Pet's or Animal's Q/Reiki energy healing treatment Distantly 

  • we love and use various lg. Crystals to help enlighten the Client (animal's whole being). Aranka will also create a lg. crystal grid to help enlighten your Pet on all levels of its consciousness

  • she will do a deep Quantum Meditation, telepathically to connect  to your animal's 'vibration' and consciousness of its whole being* (all 7 key systems that create the Animal's life form) and to Source and our Souls,

  • she will then do the Quantum Reiki energy treatment distantly by channeling magnificent Higher Source and Soul's Light energy to all parts of your animals Being... to help it be enlightend and feeling much better.

  • very Higher Source Light to help the animal's Being receive infinite Source and Soul Light Love healing Higher Knowledge and much more

  • (its very similar to Quantum Reiki energy work for human clients)..

  • to deeply help detox, energize and enlighten the Animal's whole Being* ,  

  • Animals can feel the Universal energy vibrations right away that Aranka will channel to them because their Pineal gland (3rd eye) is opened very quickly at the start of the distant session 

  • animals can feel human's energies and they trust in Aranka's pure Loving Intentions to help them via the magnificent Source Light she channel to their whole being...

  • after about 5 minutes of receiving Q/Reiki Light energy treatment most animals' Mind will go to sleep and the pineal gland will be receiving the Loving Source and Soul Light energy for the whole night...(unless they wake up) 

  • the Animal will probably enjoy a long deep sleep and may detox in the morning or during the night what their body needs to purge for their well-being.


whether Quantum Reiki is given in person or as a Distant Quantum Reiki session, the energy healing benefits are the same.





  • $80  Special  Mon-Fri. 

  • (we offer 2 options to have this session) 

  • please make your appt. first Then prepay

  • we accept payments via Venmo (with debit card) or Paypal*     (for Paypal*, small admin fee is added).

Appt. includes: 

  • for about 1.5 to 1.75 hrs  (total time)

  • for one magnificent whole body* Q/Reiki energy healing 

  • for one Animal 

  • a Consultation, takes about 20 min. with Pet/Animal owner (via email, or phone or in person if a House Call Appt.)

  • a Quantum Reiki energy healing treatment: for the whole Body* (all 7 parts; the Soul, all Chakras, Mind, Body, Emotions etc) (opt 1 is done distantly, and opt 2 is done as a house call in person)

  • Q/Reiki session Findings will be shared with Animal owner (emailed to you within 24 hrs). (or shared in person if its a House Call)

  • we May also call (US residents only) within 1-3 days to see how your Pet is feeling..

  • paid appt. valid 6 months from purchase date,

  • is non-refundable, non-transferable

  • for Client Instructions see below 

 Animal Quantum Reiki Appointments Are Offered As A:


  • a very comprehensive energy healing treatment will be channeled to your darling animal / pet's whole Being* (all 7 key systems and parts) by Aranka, and we will all connect to Loving Higher Consciousness Source Light, your Souls, and infinite Higher pure Light energies to help enlighten your Animal's whole being

  • we prefer to do Distant Q/Reiki sessions at Bedtime or 9pm last appt.(Pacific time)

  • valid Mon-Fri.


Opt. 2- HOUSE CALL ( on Hold ) 

  • cost: reg. Appt. cost plus $20 travel rate (for 0-10* miles from our office to your place; *if further away please call for details)

  • valid Mon-Fri. 12p--6pm.



  1. We will email you a Animal Quantum Reiki Intake Form.  please fill out and email back to us no later than 1-day before your Appt.

  2. Email or Text us Picture(s) of your Pet or Animal: 

please try to take (1-3) photos (save as a JPG,TIFF or GIFF file) of your Animal / Pet that shows::

  • full body view or

  • a closeup view of head / face and

  • a picture of body area with health issues (if applicable)

  • please email or text pictures no later than 1 day before appt.

  • Thank you




  • $230  Special   Mon-Fri.

  • prepay via check, Venmo or Paypal*  (*small admin fee added)   

  • Note: if paying by check, check must clear before your appt. date.

  • each session takes about 1.75 hours (total appt.)

  • animal can be located any place on Earth 

  • valid for 3 distant Animal Q/Reiki treatments,

  • Distant energy sessions are best done at night when the animal can go to sleep 

  • good for 1 animal per session

  • valid 6 months from purchase date,

  • nonrefundable, nontransferable

  • also see General Instructions for Clients below 


  1. Consultation with Pet/Animal Owner via email or phone, about 15 min

  2. a magnificent Distant Quantum Reiki treatment for Pet/Animal, 

  3. Aranka's Q/Reiki Findings   will be emailed to you within 24 hrs 

  4. we may also call after a few days (for US residents) to see how your animal is feeling. 


 Please Do


  1. the Animal Client Intake Form.  will be emailed to you, please fill out and email back 

  2.  Animal's Picture:  (if you can) please email us 1-2 photos (as a JPG or sim file type).of your Animal showing:

  • full body view and

  • a closeup view of head / face 

  • and if applicable: a picture of body area in disorder (not well).  

  • please get the above form and pictures to us no later than day before  your appt.

Thank you




Keep In Touch

via email or call us during business hrs. and let us know how you and your animal are feeling even if wks., months or yrs. go by after their appt. 


Aranka loves Animals Dearly

I hope you all  take great  care of the Dogs, Cats, and any other animals you may have or come in contact with on Earth, give them your warm tender thoughts, love, water, fresh healthy food and Kindness!.  thank you




  • Animals are born with a loving Mind aware of a higher Universal Consciousness 

  • they are very intelligent

  • are open minded,

  • loving, guided by their Soul that's connected to their Heart, 

  • they are born with open (6th chakra or 3RD EYE) , intuitively guided,

  • they communicate telepathically (6th chakra) unlike people who communicate with language and speak ' use 5th chakra))

  • Animals 'Know, Trust and Allow" Universal energies to fill them with Light and Love energy to help their Whole Body get energized, detoxed, healed, in balance, deeply given Love. 

  • more intelligent than humans seem to allow/ believe they can have 

Animals love Reiki
Animals love Reiki

we offer your loving Pets and Animals, magnificent Reiki energy healing, distantly. They can be located any where on Earth and get a magnificent whole body healing experience as if in person with us. Reiki is channeled to your pet or animal's whole body by Aranka, Reiki Mst. Practitioner ...thank you for connecting to us at Reiki Golden Healing.

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Hi Aranka,

Sam (cat) is doing great - we're so grateful, and she seems much happier. She's going outside and eating now - she's starting to put on weight too. 

Louie (dog)  is also doing very well - her tummy has healed up and she's back to her usual jubilant self.

Thanks again for all your help - we so appreciate it!


Carole, Phoenix AZ   

 (Sam, Louie and Tammy all receive  Q/reiki healing sessions as needed, from 2015-2017...)


Morning Aranka,  

I am flat out in awe of the changes I've seen in my dog Lejla since starting reiki on her. She's had four sessions with you and she's nearly back to her normal self.


She was so incredibly sick prior to starting reiki with you; her whole body hurt, she was refusing to eat, her whole gastrointestinal tract was dysfunctional and she was incredibly depressed.

My vets were at a loss of what to do next and merely suggested more drugs.


Aranka, you not only helped me to see where and why Lejla was hurting but helped me make the appropriate steps in healing her as a whole from the inside out and on a soul level.


Lejla is my 'kid' for all intents and purposes and I cannot thank Aranka enough for the copious amounts of healing love and energy she poured into my girl and bringing her back to me.

Thank you !  

 Much love,   Erin & all the furry kiddos,  Deer Park, WA  



Hi  Aranka

Lejla (dog) is doing better... we're turning a page in her mood especially.   She's still having issues, but overall she seems much happier. And she's excited to eat which is much more like her.

Had a great consult with the holistic vet  and starting her on home cooked diet tomorrow.

(after several Q/REIKI sessions)

I did feel a lot of energy being channeled by you (into Lejla and all her animals on their farm) and Lejla was so relaxed.... 

Thank you!  All our best,  Erin,  Deer Park, WA, 2016



Hi Aranka,

Elke (dog) seemed more relaxed about her enviornment, which is a huge improvement!. Rain, wind, thunder all wig her out 


I have since, also, given her reiki and I feel it has helped her. 

At first she was hesitant, but now, she welcomes it.  D,  spokane 2015




Hi Aranka,

I wanted to thank you again for all your help with Sam (older cat). 

She is continuing to heal and I'm so happy. ( also see scalar healing

for your Porky on

Thanks again,  Carole  Phoenix, AZ




Hi Aranka,

Thank you, Sam (cat) is doing much better, actually played yesterday, it's been so long. We appreciate all you do.  Thank you,  Carole , AZ,  (2015)  


[Sam got dist. reiki sessions for a few months  for: breathing (throat) problems,  severe skin disorders, vomiting, moodiness, emotional imbalances, unsocial behaviour]



Hi, Aranka~

Re: my cushing Horse Meegy, down with 2 abscessed hooves 3-4 wks 


(Meegy's 1st Distant Reiki treatment )

Thanks so much for your energy healing!  he was on his feet the entire time during reiki... then plopped down for the night when reiki had ended

During the session, he was much more cheerful and happily eating carrots, beets, and corn the whole time.

he has not eaten anything for 3 days so this was very encouraging


Thanks for the suggestion to feed him root vegetables, he loved it. 

was turning his nose up at the grain and hay...


He seems to have his appetite back and in much better spirits.Thank you so much for your help!!!  Love and hugs, Charlene,


(Meggy's 2nd Distant Reiki)

Thanks so much Aranka!  He ate real well this evening,  I snuggled next to him. 

We decided to try the sugar poultice, (helps gangrene too),  found a couple of socks big enough...  left it on for maybe 4 hours.  Seemed to dry out the wound somewhat.  Charlene,  Nashville Indiana , july-aug  2014



Aranka Fisher, Quantum Reiki Pract.& Teacher, Reiki MST.

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