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Darling Porki, in a rug design hand tufted of wool fiber by Aranka. 24"x30"

About Aranka



In Hungarian Aranka means golden and 'Aran' means gold; in Latin gold is spelled Aurelia, the Scientific symbol for gold is AU, in ancient Persian gold is Oran)... hence our practice name Reiki Golden Healing has several meanings. Gold is described as having the highest energy vibration.... I wonder if there is or was lots of gold in Austria and Australia.


Aranka was born in a Southern European farming Village of three different cultures and immigrated to US decades ago and lived in six countries so far. Her desire to travel the Earth in search see feel touch live and learn from many different people, cultures languages, natural healing methods, Herbal meds, Architectural styles  and much more. All is to deeply experience and connect with the amazing Planet Earth and her natural  world. 

A key to expanding one's Mind- the central Consciousness running the body of most Humans and other Animals, is to go explore the world and learn and expand one's mind and try to relate, understanding more and more whats going on Earth. 



in 2011 a local Mind Body Spirit Fest had a presentation on Reiki or Universal Spiritual energy healing by a Reiki Master from Seattle WA... it was very enlightening!  a big wake call! sparked a Higher Soul purpose / mission in Aranka. She quickly took the classes needed for a Reiki MAster level and by 2012 started RGH , this practice to help 'enlighten' many others, including Animals and Earth.


Her Soul, the Spiritual Higher cosmic Self (felt in the heart chakra) guided and enlightened her easily via her pineal gland to recieve the Higher Light and much was downloaded ths way,



Aranka Fisher created our unique method of Quantum Reiki and Quantum whole Being and Soul Source Light Meditations.  She is a very talented energy healer with many Higher Soul knowledge and skills, she is a Representative for her cosmic old Soul and her Higher knowledge comes from her evolved old Soul and its direct connection to enlighten her, We work with many Loving energy Sources of Cosmic Light.

Rei-ki means

Universal Life force Energy or Chi,  a divine Universal Source energy of infinite pure light love and knowledge. This energy is needed by and exists in all Living things that are Source created Light Life Forms.

Reiki Is A Holistic Energy Healing Method Used Globally

by millions of different natural practitioners worldwide to help treat health disorders in the any life form (Humans, Animals, Nature, Earth )  to help the whole body activate self healing quickly,  by bringing the whole being Higher  Source Light and love energies. 







Aranka completed her Reiki Master and Teacher training classes in the ICRT Usui Reiki Healing system in 2012 , in Spokane She started her practice Reiki Golden Healing in 2012 and registered with the ICRT (the oldest professional Reiki org. in USA and Internationally) is at as a Reiki Master & Teacher, Affiliate member.





Aranka loves  Earth!  trees, plants, nature, oceans, mnts, forests, many Animals like dogs, Horses, birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, bees,  ducks,  sheep, pigs, geese, roosters,  dolphins, puffins, wolfs, bears, whales, elephants, big cats, lions, squirrels, guinea pigs,  marmots , etc) and many types of Crystals, plants for medicines and herbs  flowers.

She has traveled globally, is self taught in Herbal and Natural plants for healing, lives in a healthy all natural and organic wellness lifestyle,  making Herbal remedies, uses Homeopathy, a Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Organic food lover and does juicing since 1983 (she took her Acme juicer around the wold, it blew up in Australia during a big storm she got more acme and champion juicers on her journeys).


Earth's natural world has all we need to naturally heal the body, and that applies to almost any life form.  




Aranka received her BA from SDSU and spent almost 20 years in Architecture, Interior Design Art and Structural engineering. She worked in various Architectural firms globally. Also she loves painting since age 2 on walls, canvas, boards, furniture etc. especially in vibrant colors! Since 2003 she got into furniture art:  painting wood furniture, restoring old furniture and even had painted quite a few houses inside and out.

She still does One of a Kind Art furniture and woodwork.





Aranka was born in a Southern European village by the Danube River in Serbia (in former Yugoslavia).  Her mom was Bulgarian, gorgeous, very hard working and ran the whole farm, spiritual person and her dad was a Hungarian folk violinist.  


Aranka grew up loving the many farm animals and was deeply enriched by the nature and community in the village.  She learned how to make many things  from s crath all natural ingredients and many traditions, a major part of life were the seasons and to respect what Earth gives us.

Back in the 1960's the village streets were lined with lovely old Mulberry trees (they produce delicious sweet dark red or white eatable berries... the geese loved them)

All 4 seasons came and went...some sweet and bittersweet   some life experiences were very hard.


in 1969 the family left life in Serbia and Italy for USA.

Aranka grew up in San Diego, was educated in Architectural and Environmental Design, Arts and Int. Design at SDSU. 

She has lived in six countries thus far.


She has lived in eastern WA and CDA Idaho since 2004 with her family.

Love and golden Light to fill your Heart and whole Body always.   love Aranka

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