our Darling Porki rug designed and hand tufted of wool fiber  by Aranka F., size 24"x30"

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About Aranka


Many people love to EXPLORE new things and Aranka has traveled the globe seeking new ideas and methods and people of a very infinite way of looking at the world... very metaphysical.:  


one day in Spring of 2011 Aranka attended the annual Spokane Mind Body Spirit Fest (a Holistic faire) and saw a presentation on Reiki energy healing by a Reiki MAster from Seattle... well that sparked a big curiosity to learn this Reiki healing method; being Metaphysical it was very familiar to her. She loved natural healing modalities and living naturally all her life, lived on a farm in Europe as a child and a vegetarian since 1980... she then changed her career studies away from a MA in Urban Planning to holistic Usui Reiki energy healing studies..


Reiki means:

Universal Life force Energy or Chi,  a divine Universal Source energy of infinite pure light love and knowledge. This energy is needed by and exists in all Life Forms energy Chakras and whole body (in planets too).

Reiki is also a global Holistic Energy Healing method,

used by millions of different natural practitioners worldwide to help treat health disorders in the any life form (Humans, Animals, Nature, Earth )  to help the whole body activate self healing quickly,  by bringing the whole being Higher  Source Light and love energies. 







After Aranka completed her Reiki Master and Teacher training classes of the ICRT Usui Reiki Healing system in Spokane, she started her practice Reiki Golden Healing in 2012.  She is a registered Reiki Master & Teacher, affiliated member with the RMA and ICRT (see ) the international professional Reiki org in US.


comes form 'Aran' and means GOLD in Hungarian 

(Gold in Latin is Aurelia, the scientific Symbol For Gold is AU, Oran in Persian ) hence our practice is Reiki Golden Healing.

Gold is described as having the highest energy vibration in the Universe and is pure of Light. 


Aranka developed, practices and teaches the Quantum Reiki energy healing method since 2012.  This method gives everyone a comprehensive look at the whole Body as made up of 7 key parts, a Quantum Meditation is taught to all clients and students to help everyone (with an open Mind and trust in our Q/Reiki energy healer/practitioner) to be able to get their mind to let their Pineal gland open and connect to their Higher Soul, Source, Earth's consciousness and much order to be able to receive the magnificent Higher Univ light into their Pineal gland and whole Body... This is a deeply enlightening and freeing up technique and it will deeply help anyone to learn who they are on a Soul level from past life of their Soul and much more about their Higher Earth mission and purpose .... etc.  We all have a Unique Soul and personality and journeys and many people and animals are 


We all can learn how to easily do Quantum Meditations and be able to free our Minds from all limited and unloving negative beliefs ( are not of the light but from dark programs to enslave People and Earth)

We all have Infinite possibilities to create new healthy changes for ourselves and Earth.   The Mind's Beliefs shape our Body's  genes health and when we learn (in your Q/Reiki Appt. or our Q/Reiki Classes)  how the Body works as 7 key energy parts etc.  you can allow your Body to energize and heal and fill your body with Love respect appreciation and let it self heal naturally and be free in perfect harmony.



Aranka teaches both Quantum Reiki and Usui Reiki  Classes;

Quantum Reiki has been helping many Students for years now to learn quickly and do Deep Quantum Reiki Meditations to get the Mind to allow the Pineal gland to be opened and fully activated connected to infinite Univ. Source of Love, Light, all knowledge to expand Consciousness and to rec'v healing energies of Crystals and much more. In the Q/Reiki Classes One can learn how to activate all 12 Major CHakras, experience their huge tunnel of light connected Source and the Soul and to Earth. 


All the students are lovingly encouraged and helped to connect to their their amazing Soul via our Q. Meditation method, to discover their Earth mission in this lifetime, to activate their Higher abilities  doing energy healing on Self and or others.. 


We love to be of help and share the loving Light from the Cosmos with you. 

see some of our  Reviews here or online on other sites. 





Aranka loves all kinds of Animals (dogs, Horses, birds, ducks,  dolphins, puffins, wolfs, bears, whales, elephants, big cats, lions, squirrels, marmots, etc) and many types of Crystals. teas and flowers.

She has traveled globally quite a bit, is self taught in Herbal and Natural plants for healing, uses  Homeopathy, into Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Organic food  and vege. juicing since 1983 (she took her acme juicer around the wold, it blew up in Australia during a big storm one she got 3 more.),


Earth's natural world has all we need to naturally heal the body, and that applies to almost any life form.  She is a long time gardener, hiker, Artist; painter, crafter,  into Astrology, Astronomy, Numerology, Metaphysics, expanding Consciousness, new age science, UFOlogy, Earth's Ancient Gods, Visitors or creators ? from the Cosmos,  Dr Lipton's new science: Epigenetics

and she loves to be of help to people and animals in need of wellbeing, and seekers of the truth about Earth  and the Higher Cosmic Consciousness. 




Aranka has had a long background (and career) in Architecture, Interior Design and Art , graduating from SDSU. She worked in various Architectural firms globally. She loves creating colorful Art, painting on woodwork, painting and restoring old furniture and even painted houses. She still does One of a Kind Art furniture and woodwork. see some examples and avail. pieces on Artwork  pg.  (more pieces waiting to be done).






Aranka was born in a Southern European multi-lingual farming family in a village by the Danube River in Serbia.  Her mom was Bulgarian, gorgeous, spiritual person,  and she inherited a huge farm. dad was Hungarian and a violinist musician.   Aranka grew up very bonded to the farm animals, esp. the Horses and her dog and ducklings.. she loved them all dearly.  animals are very sensitive and intelligent. She loved walking and connecting barefoot to Earth and nature. the roads then were all dirt and cobblestone.   she learned to make everything  from all natural ingredients from scratch;

her mom taught her many things, including to respect others and the seasons on Earth.


Back in the 1960's the village streets were lined with lovely old Mulberry trees (they produce delicious sweet dark red or white eatable berries... the geese loved them)

All 4 seasons came and went...some sweet and bittersweet   some life experiences were very hard.


when the whole family moved to Rome Italy in 1969 they had to leave every thing and everyone behind, the old 3 generation home, farm, all the Animals, village, even Aranka's darling dog. , that was the end of a very simple but tight community life and a new way was started...

After Italy, the family moved to America.  Aranka grew up in San Diego, was educated in Architectural and Environmental Design, Arts and Int. Design at SDSU.  She spent almost 20 yrs. working in Architectural firms , Interior Design and several Structural Engineering firms (globally).

She has lived in Yugoslavia (region of Serbia) , Italy, US, England, Austria and Australia. 


She lives in lovely Eastern Washington with her family. 

We have precious local nature here in the inland NW and wildlife that need to be protected . We all need to respect and protect all the Trees (our oxygen lungs on earth) .

Please notice & be aware of your footprint on the Earth;  Thank you 

Love and golden Light to fill your Heart and whole Body always.   love Aranka



Aranka Fisher, Quantum Reiki Pract.& Teacher, Reiki MST.

    R E I K I           G O L D E N          H E A L I N G