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 EPIGENETICS ; the new biology 

discovered in the 1970's by Dr.  Bruce Lipton and a few other scientists.  Epigenetics means beyond genetics and any process that alters gene activity without changing the DNA sequence ( and experiments show that some epigenetic changes can be reversed) (see

Dr.  Bruce Lipton: 

Professor Lipton taught in top US medical schools,  as a research scientist &  microbiologist since the 1970's  he and a few others made great discoveries & advancements in DNA and gene biology, they called this new science: Epigenetics.  

His 1st AMAZING  book is The Biology of Belief  (also see many videos on ); basically he says;



  3. LOVE  provides the greatest nourishment growth, maintenance, wellbeing, happiness...for all Life Forms on Earth

  4. STRESS and FEAR: will SHUT DOWN the Body's IMMUNE SYSTEM (and Viscera syst) right away and suppress our Intelligence by Turning OFF the Intelligent part of the Brain (fore brain) and turning ON the Primitive ( Hind brain) where:

  5. FEAR AND STRESS are activated for  'SELF PROTECTION '(Somatic syst) '

  6. causing the body to activate the Adrenal syst. and

  7. alot of ENERGY is pumped into a 'Flight  Fight or Freeze' action;  

Everything is made of Energy and needs and uses energy.  

we waste our energy when Stressed .. stress is really bad for the health of ALL  Life forms.  see many Dr Lipton videos on  like  The Biology of Belief,  Fear vs Love State ,  Stress’s Effect on Your Body,



  1. Viktor Schauberger,  (Austrian) magnificent work on the Spiral VORTEX IN NATURE on Earth and cosmos , the MEMORY AND BEHAVIOUR OF WATER , natural properties of water,  advanced water filtering syst.  designs etc.... see Nature Was My Teacher, The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger


  1.  DR EDWARD GROUP, Chiropractor, Doctor of Natural Med., Clinical Herbalist, holistic practitioner, ('renegade man') founder: Global Healing Center (in Texas), lots of key truth about health.    see SUPER  video Secret to Health by Dr. Group  and  

  2. Dr Group's  amazing

  3. THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER.COM    (great site) for natural healing 

  4.  CHRIS WARK: cured himself  of colon Cancer (when he was in his 20's) with all natural diet and changed his beliefs see  ,  on youtube see :  How Chris Beat Cancer.... amazing 

  5. Dr Kelly Turner's book: Radical Remission - surviving cancer Against All Odds... amazing RESEARCH on how people healed themselves Holistically with diet, Mind Body emotional changes made and more.   see   

  6. Dr. Connealy, Founder & Medical Director of Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California. She is a walking encyclopedia in conventional and alternative medicine and has vast expertise in IPT/LD (low-dose chemo), genetic testing, detoxification, IV vitamin C, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, UV blood irradiation ....r. Connealy, Founder & Medical Director of Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California. She is a walking encyclopedia in conventional and alternative medicine and has vast expertise in IPT/LD (low-dose chemo), genetic testing, detoxification, IV vitamin C, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, UV blood irradiation ....

  7. www.   Dr Mercola has a  huge wellness site, articles, links.  and lots of key news on 5G and wireless radiation harm to all life forms.  

  8. DR. NEIL BERNARD,  lots of  health  info.


  1. MANY FREE MEDITATIONS ,  'Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World '   see

  2. STORY WATERS, metaphysical channel, mystic, teacher, from UK. see series 'THE BRIDGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS' for many Meditation  videos on   


  1. DOLORES CANNON, (past  2014) ,  pioneer Hypnotherapist,  Author,  wrote 19 amazing books based on her work  with clients on past life regression Hypnotherapy,  for about 40 yrs.  A great book series: “The Convoluted Universe” ,  Jesus and the Essenes, The 3 Waves of Volunteers (to help Earth),  Keepers of the Garden, etc.   She was a recorder of lost knowledge;  her ’ books are deeply transformational and enlightening!  her daughter Julia Cannon continues her mothers work and teaches globally Dolore's method for healing called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) .

  2. Barbara Lamb, past life regressionist,  crop circle researcher

  3. RUDOLF STEINER, (philosopher) world renowned classic work, the book, Theosophy : An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos


  5. Walter Russell,  the Secret of the Light  

  6. Dr Joe Dispenza - video:  Law of attraction the quantum way. Creating change from the unknown 1/2  (on youtube)

  7. GREGG BRADEN, geologist, ancient knowledge researcher, mystic., musician,  see  Awakening To Zero Point, Our Electro Magnetic HEART Affects Reality   (a lot on youtube) 

  8. LOUISE HAY,  metaphysical author, great book "You can Heal Your Life"  Love yourself, change old neg. self beliefs to self heal....'let go of rigid old unloving SELF beliefs, instead see your life as "Infinity... all is perfect, whole and complete"... change  will begin and we move upwards, evolve.

  9. EDGAR CAYCE, known as 20th C. Sleeping Prophet, channeled Higher Consciousness knowledge (about 40 yrs) , about The Akashic Records,  healing treatments for many people, Cosmos and Earth data... see  and  books: Handbook for Health through Drugless Therapy,  on  crystals, color therapy, Ancient Earth,  UFO's,  energy healing, health, etc

  10. thrive movement

  11. 'THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?'  A documentary film covering  the state of the world's health, economy and hidden truths the 'elite' dont want you to know about / for their control, to keep the global mass public in fear and hidden from the truths.... free, on  and

  12. Foundation for Conscious Evolution, film: VISIONS on HUMANITY ASCENDING series



  1.  Great book:  Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker

  2. great Tarot book:   Tarot Made Easy, by Nancy Garen

  3. Astrologer  Govinda, in Priest River, Idaho


  1. Dr. Patrick Flanagan, M.D. PhD, amazing inventor, invented many things (see his products on line) to help the Body and brain like the Neurophone in 1958; an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain,  see his website and co.

  2. TESLA - Free Energy, the Race to Zero Point  (video on Nikola Tesla, inventor, on )

  3. Dr Wilhelm Reich, besides doing many of sextherapy research in EU and USA, he invented Orgone Energy devices, that use the Earth's own energies freely,  like weather changing machines= the Cloudbuster 

  4. The ZAPPER,  and other Orgonite devices to kill PARASITES and heal body disorders:  see Don and Carol Croft,   see

  5. Organite energy devices, for healing   Carol Crofts website 

  6. see CRAZY ORGONITE DISCOVERY part 1 of 3  by THE OLD LAB RAT   on youtube    (exclt  helpful  insights)

  7. FLFE,  co. in Nelson Canada, an energy consciousness system for raising consciousness and wellbeing in Home or Work, or any location....

  8. Paul Baumann, built  free energy devices 

  9. SOUND HEALING ,!chakras/c24oi  

  10. Francesca Love Artist , (v. happy young lovely SOul),   a global mural artist ,  has  many youtube videos like : How To Make A MerKaBa Structure - Star Tetrahedron   ,  or  Sacred Geometry: The Star Octahedron & The Upgraded MerKaBa Star Tetrahedron

  11. Faster EFT, Robert Smith; finger tapping on the body at certain points to activate healing.  famous simple easy technique. 100's of youtube vid's.


  1. LES BROWN, Physicist,  see amazing old docum. Physics Of Crystals  (Docum. made 1980’s v. rare, was on youtube)

  2. DR MARCEL VOGEL had amazing crystal knowledge and made crystals for deep healing uses. see  his Workshop — Therapeutic Use of Crystals, part 1    (many youtube videos)


  1.  Linda Moulton HOWE,  Ancient Aliens series on   Earth changes, Intelligent truths,  ET's  insights , Souls,  mar 2017 lecture

  2. Chris Dunn, researcher and enginner,  The Giza Power Plant      (book and youtube 

  3. Horace Drew - Decoding Crop Circles 

  4. Andrew Collins

  5. DAVID WILCOCK,  author, producer, researcher,  ET UFo Cosmic Disclosure , metaphysical investigation, see on  youtube and

  6. Alex Collier,  contactee w/ a  Andromeda race,    see 

  7. Steven Greer.  founded CSETI.ORG ,  Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) is an international scientific research and education organization dedicated to the furtherance of our understanding of extraterrestrial intelligence.    see ET Contact Disclosure,  Sirius Documentary (2008).  Disclosure Project.  

  8.  The Center for UFO Studies was started by Dr. J. Allen Hynek

  9. Robert Wood   and William Tompkins

  10. RICHARD HOAGLAND, researcher, science expert , journalist,  ( ie the true Chinese Moon mission 12-2014, moon bases, discoveries  etc

  11. Michael Talbot, author, The Holographic Universe. pioneer. showed parallels between ancient mysticism, metaphysics and quantum, suggested the physical universe maybe a giant hologram.

  12. Ralph Ring , UFO builder, see video:   Flying the OTC-X1 Spacecraft   (on youtube)


  14. James Churchward  on lemuria

  15.   latest 


  1. Prof. Brian Greene, a Quantum physicist, 

  2. Dr. Michio Kaku , very popular  Quantum physicist, on string theory and future

  3. Spokane Astronomical Society.   in Spokane, Washington. a non-profit and volunteer-run org.


  1. Dr VANDAVA SHIVA, lives in India, humanitarian, global Activist, “when elephants battle, the ants are crushed.”  or International Forum on Globalization


  1. Munchies Rockpile: for crystals and gems , Chuck makes jewelry too,  ROCK SHOP on Garland Street in Spokane, WA. 

  2. Bucky Eye Shades, excellent comfy cushioned eye mask Aranka provides her Clients for use in their Reiki treatments (also for purchase. keeps all light out, helps people sleep better.

  3.  Spectro-Chrome Color Light Therapy: to get this home kit therapy see Dinshah Health Society and get the book, Let there be Light.  

  4. for GLASS FILTERS to do Spectrochrome Color light therapy,  see Rose Peterson, at Original Light Studio

  5. Rohrig Tarot cards, 78 cards. I got a new set 20 years ago for $25, by fabulous German Artist. quite pricey now and collectors item.

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