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  • Contact Aranka Fisher, Quantum Reiki Teacher & Energy Pract. Reiki Master, RMA

  •  Q / REIKI 'HOUSE' CALLS (for People, Pets and other Animals) 

  • at your Home, Ranch, Farm, Shelter, Sanctuary, Zoo.... 

  • Contact us for details.



  • A very comprehensive Q/Reiki Energy Healing Appt. is done Distantly (remotely) to the Client, who can be located anywhere on Earth). 

  • see Distant Quantum Reiki Session below. 


Dear Clients, Some Important Notes:


  1. To All new and former Clients of Reiki Golden Healing: by making an appointment with our Quantum Reiki Energy Healer / Practitioner & Teacher, Aranka Fisher, you agree to our Business Terms and Conditions (at bottom of page)..

  2. Having an openness and trust in this Energy Healing method and the Practitioner is key to allowing your 3rd eye (the Pineal Gland) to be self activated so you can connect to your higher Self (soul) and receive infinite loving Source  Light energy and healing into your whole being during your Quantum Reiki treatment. 

  3. Please Avoid Food (2) hrs before your Q/Reiki energy treatment.  see "Special Instructions for Clients" below.

  4. please Prepay for your Service at start of appt.

  • Cash or check preferred; please make an Appt. 1st  then pay in office 

  • for Debit or Credit Cards we use Paypal, links below, and Venmo.  please make an Appt. 1st, then prepay with Paypal or Venmo.

   4. our over time* rate is $80 per hour , after 10 min. of free overtime).

  1. Running Late ?  (10 min or more)  Please Call or Text us in Advance    thank you.

  2. Appointment Changes, Cancellations: please  contact us in advance,a minimum of 24 hrs.. 

  3. A 'No Show' and Missed Appointments:: If a Client can't make their appointment, please give us 24 hrs advance notice.   If you miss your appointment and did NOT give us any prior Notice of Cancellation, we have the right to bill you in full.. see details below on our Business Terms.

  4. For DONATIONS to our practice (any amount over $5)  just use the Paypal Donate link)  or Venmo (link  on header). thank you. 


Hello,  We Offer New Clients their 1st  deeply enlightening Quantum Reiki Energy Healing Session & Soul Connection, available as (2) options: 

 (opt 1- for 2.5 hrs.) or  (opt. 2 - the most comprehensive Whole Body & life healing Appt,- for 4 hrs, done in 2 days).

Also we offer new Clients a Personal Q/Reiki Session Audio Report (extra cost).


 for New Clients and includes

  • for 2.5 hrs. (in office) (+10 min free) (if more time is needed, overtime rate apples)

  • an in-depth Consultationto truly understand who you are in Human (form) expression,  and on a Soul level, 

  • Aranka's telepathic Higher Soul and body vibrational readings and Soul insights about you and others (if needed).

  • the Quantum Reiki Meditation (Aranka will guide you to get Higher connected in this amazing Meditation we developed) to get the mind to step aside and allow the 3rd eye to be Opened now. 

  • a deep Q/Reiki Energy Healing Treatment: Client is tucked in a real cozy bed in office , covered, to receive their comprehensive Q/Reiki energy healing (done Hands off the body)  

  • to get your whole Being*- all 7 parts (Soul, Chakras, mind, Cellular body, emotions, pineal gland (the 3rd eye) fully Higher connected and  be Soul awakened, detoxed, energized and self healing... 

  •  to receive infinite Source Light energy, love light healing knowledge, to deeply enlighten you,

  • knowledge and information to greatly expand your Consciousness

  • help connect you to Infinite levels of benevolent multi-Universal Consciousness  

  •  Many Crystals also used 

  • amazing Higher Findings shared after Q/reiki treatment discover your Soul's past life (in the Cosmos) 

  • learn who you Truly Are on a Soul level... activate your Higher abilities  discover your Higher Purpose on Earth 

  • lovely herbal tea served

  • all sessions are Confidential & Private

Information On:

  • the Quantum Reiki method: *7 key parts that make up the whole Body* (a Soul, 12 major Chakras (start at feet), Mind, Emotions etc)

  • the Quantum Meditation 

  • Soul incarnation,

  • Source, the tunnel of Light

  • your Earth purpose,

  • healing with Crystals 

  • Mantras and protection form

  • 12 Chakras form, 

  • the Astrology elements & vital info on your unique Personality form

*Extra: a Personal Audio Report of Your Q/Reiki Session by Aranka, of your comprehensive Quantum Reiki session; is done After your Appt has ended. Available as a Mp3 Audio file (emailed in 3-5 daysor as a CD Audio file (mailed within 5-7 days),  If you wish to ADD this Audio report  Please let us know when making your appt..  thank you.  Cost $70  


  • Special  $180 ( cash or check)  

  • ( about 2.5 hrs)  

  • please make your appt. first then prepay (cash, chk. in person), Venmo for debit card) or Paypal* (*sm admin fee added) 

SAT - SUN(available days vary)

  • Special  $200 (cash or check) 

  • ( about 2.5hrs)   

  • make an Appt. first then prepay (cash, chk in person), Venmo for debit card or Paypal* (*sm admin fee added) 

  • please try to give 36-48 hrs. notice to us for a weekend Appt., thank you 



Special  $300  (on M-F)  a 2 Day appt. 

  • for 4 to 4.5 hours  (about 2 hrs/day x 2 days) 

  • this is the most in-depth life changing & healing session 

  • best to do this 2 day appt. back to back (like a Mon-Tues, Tues -Wed, etc) 

  • for Weekend Appt's, please add $20 / day (cash or chk)

*Extra: a Personal Audio Report of Your Q/Reiki Session by Aranka, of your comprehensive Quantum Reiki session; is done After your Appt has ended. Available as a Mp3 Audio file (emailed in 3-5 daysor as a CD Audio file (mailed within 5-7 days),  If you wish to ADD this Audio report  Please let us know when making your appt..  thank you.  Cost $70  

DAY 1 includes

  • on Mon-Fri. , day 1 is for  (2- 2.25 hrs)  

  • a private Consultation, in-depth life review 

  • info on whole Body* (all 7 key Systems),

  • understanding Higher Source, Soul & Earth energy Light connection, 

  • Earth and your Higher Purpose

  •  amazing Cosmic info and your life

  • Soul's past life here info. (from Earth or Cosmos),

  • Homeopathic tips, herbals,  and natural foods info

  • Aranka's telepathic readings, Higher insights from your Soul and whole body's energy

  • about Crystals 

  • about Past life regression insights

  • lovely homemade Tea

  • please make an appt. first then prepay with cash, chk. (in person), Venmo* or Paypal* (*sm admin fee added) 

 plus Information on: 

  • the Quantum Reiki method,  evolved 12 major Energy Chakras Whole Human  (7*) key Parts,

  • Q/Reiki Meditation

  • deep Q/Meditation & Mantras form (for whole Being wellness and protection)

  • org. Healthy Foods,

  • homeopathie (if it applies and we have time0

  • helpful resources, other Holistic and natural healing methods

DAY 2 includes

  • on M-F

  • (for 2- 2.25 hrs) 

  • a deep guided Q/Reiki Meditation (to get your 3rd eye open/ Higher Consciousness connected...)

  • the magnificent Q/Reiki Energy Healing treatment (for your whole Body* , all 7 parts)   Q/Reiki treatment is done Hands Off the client's body, with client fully clothed, lying covered in a real comfy bed in the office, resting and going to sleep, enjoying soft meditation sounds etc) 

  • use of Crystals and grids

  • Higher Q/Reiki Findings are shared after

  • lovely homemade tea served


SAT & SUN​ Appt's:  Special  $340

  • (for 4 to 4.5 hrs) 

  • a weekend appt.

  • $340 (cash or check) or for Debit & Credit Cards use Paypal* button (*sm admin fee added) 





for Existing Clients (in-person)


  •  A short chat to see how you are 

  • a guided Q/Reiki Meditation 

  • deep Q/Reiki energy healing treatment for your whole Being* (all *7 Key parts)

  • some Q/Reiki Higher Insights after

  • all sessions are Confidential and Private

  • Herbal tea served

  • please avoid food 2-3 hrs before your appt.


  • $90 Special  (reg $130)  cash or check

  • about 1.5  hrs   

  • (overtime is $80/hr) 

  • please call and make an Appt. first, Then prePay via Cash or Check in the office,

or via Venmo (link on page header) (free service for Debit Card)

or via *Paypal (small fee added) 




  • $110  Special (reg $150) cash or check 

  • about 1.5  hrs   

  •  (overtime is $80/hr)

  • please make a Weekend Appt. 24-48 hrs min. in advance

  • please call and make an Appt. first, Then prePay via Cash or Check in the office,

or use Venmo (link on page header) (free service for Debit Card)

or via *Paypal (small fee added) 


 4.      LIFE, HIGHER SOUL INSIGHTS ( Phone or Skype Appt. or in person in Office)

Client can be located anywhere on Earth. we are in WA. state, PAcific time)



  • $80  Special   (cash or chk; for Paypal sm. fee added) 

  • (for 60 minutes)**    

  • a live Conversation (for clients in the US)  via skype or phone

  • if you are outside of the US (anywhere on Earth) we can use Skype and talk via computer to computer or use your cell or land line phone to call us.

  • or in person in office.

  • please make an Appt. first,  then prepay with Paypal* link (*sm. fee added) 

  • pay cash or chk in person.  if paying with check (WA state Clients only) it must clear before your appt date)


​Aranka will share with you:

  • Higher Soul Insights (she can 'connect' telepathically and receive Information from your whole body and Soul on a Energy Light  Consciousness level, 

  • to help you understand who you are on a Soul level and what is your Higher earth purpose

  • your Being's energy vibration,

  • what is happening in your life,

  • causes of distress, life info, chakras conditions, etc.

  • Please ask anything you wish to know ,

  • if you are a evolved being or star child  (coming from the cosmos not Earth) , much amazing info. will be shared with you 

  • like whats your Soul mission on Earth

  • we will email you a deep Meditation mantras and protection Form 

  • valid 6 months from date of purchase,  nonrefundable, nontransferable


  1. We will email you a Client Form, please download fill out and bring into your appt., or email it back to us. 

  2.  Please also write down your questions on the Client form 

  3. And we will email you a deep Quantum Meditation form as a Gift.


NOTE:  if you wish a longer appt.  our extra time rate is $80/hr, please contact us for details; 

everyone has an unique Soul, Personality, Chakras, Mind, Body (cells), emotions... this is your energy freq. and vibration:

our energy vibrations are like Soul fingerprint, and can be 'read  by telepathic Higher Consciousness connected beings.

​​​Thank you,



(Clients can be located Anywhere on Earth)

please contact us first to make an appt, then you may prepay (use Paypal or Venmo)  Thank you.  afterwords we will email you the instructions as to how this Appt is done. Session Includes:​

  1. a Consultation** via phone , skype or email, I will review your Intake form,  health and necessary details to help you have a deep and enlightening healing session.   

  • for US Resident Clients:  15 min via phone or email ( if phone method isn't possible/available). and for 

  • for Overseas Clients: 15 min. 'Skype to Skype call' or similar method  or email.

  • my (Aranka's)  Higher Soul & telepathic Insights,

  • to start the Q/Reiki treatment, we will do a (guided over phone, if possible) Deep Meditation to get you connected to your Higher Self etc. 

  • deep Quantum Reiki energy healing treatment (done distantly) 

  • your Soul's insights and higher info, shared with you via email after  (within 24 hrs) 

  • valid for 6 months from date of purchase, not transferable

  • all Sessions are Confidential and Private

  • see "Special Food Instructions- New Clients" below


  • $90  Special  (reg. $120) cash or check

  • about 1.5-1.75 hrs. 

  • for credit or debit cards : first make an appt. then prepay:

  • prepay via Venmo link on header (free service for debit card) or  *Paypal (*sm fee added). 


  • $110   Special  (reg $140 cash or check

  • about 1.5 -1.75 hrs

  • please make a Wkend appt. 24-48 hrs in advance 

  • for credit or debit cards : first make an appt. then prepay:

  • prepay via Venmo link on header (free service for debit card) or  *Paypal (*sm fee added). 


  1. after payment is received, we will email you a Client Intake Form please fill out and email back

  2. Email us a recent Photo(s) of your upper 1/2 of body or full body with clear face image

  3. we need the form and picture(s) back by at min. 1 day before your appt.. 

  4. we will email you a Deep Meditation form; please read carefully, we will refer to it during your appt.  thank you


  1. Best time for this session is at bedtime or when you can be in a quiet safe place and lie down to allow your Pineal gland to be activated during your distant Q/Reiki session, and your whole Body can receive much Benevolent Universal Light, healing energy, Information, to evolve,  much love, knowledge etc.  to help you feel much better and lighter.

  2. after you wake up from your Q/Reiki distant session, the head area and or Body may feel  any of these; 'Lopi, lots of energy, a headache, Light headed..' but the body will process all the higher energy and healing work it received and will assimilate or harmonize the energies and be fine in a few minutes or hours.  then you may feel freer in thought, Lighter , no stress and drama worries, etc..

  3. the Quantum Reiki method as practiced by Aranka Fisher are a pure Love Universal energy healing method and can Never cause any harm to any life form. .our Intention is to always be of help, do good and we connect to only pure Light Benevolent Source energies.







For Best Energy Healing Benefits 

 (2-3) Days Before Your Appointment, Please TRY To  Avoid:

  • all Sugar in foods, 

  • red (even white) meat, heavy or fried foods,

  • all processed  GMO FOODS, ,

  • Monsanto pesticides were sprayed on crops, (typ if not organic) 

  •  altered, un-natural foods 

  • corn syrup in foods, 

  • all soft drinks, 

  • microwaves (pls replace it with a convection or toaster oven)


  1. please Drink plenty of Filtered fresh WATER (about 8 glasses/ day) or HERBAL TEAS (no caffeine) w/ filtered water.

  2. EAT ORGANIC Foods when possible 

  3. Eat  organic fresh Plant based foods, fruits and Vege's;

  4. eat more Organic raw sweet fruits, dry fruits, nuts, olive oil, avocado, 

  5. Try to grow your own VEGE's, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, radishes, basil, parsley (in pots too),

  6. ...you will feel better.

  7. Thank ​you.  your Body will love you   ​



  • opened their 3rd eye 

  • feeling gentle tingling (energy) anywhere in the body,

  • feeling energy vibrations during session

  • pain gone ; energized, healing took place where needed

  • some brain or mind loopiness but thats normal when a 3Dim physical body receives Higher dimensional energy,  this feeling is temporary

  • a feeling of Radiant love & well being, peacefulness,  

  • feeling Lighter, happy,

  • re-energized, balanced,  

  • feeling deeply filled with Love,

  • feeling One with Universal Source of all creation, pure LOVE, Light 

  • feeling of being "Home" with Source,

  • connected to their Soul/, Light energy 

  • feeling a Higher awareness, 

  • have lucid dreams,

  • have past life awareness, visions

  • wonderful Higher Awakening

  • connection to other Souls in the cosmos,

  • contact with energy of family, friends,  pets, (can be living or past on) 

  • received health benefits all over the body

  • REIKI BENEFITS are endless but depend on the Recipient's openness to energy healing and believing in it.



Applies to all our business SERVICES & CLASSES. 


  1. Cash or check Preferred. Please pay in full at time of your appointment.

  2. Paypal: we accept Credit  and Debit Cards paid via Paypal and Venmo, but a small admin fee is added on top of the rate shown.


  1. Appt. CHANGES  OR CANCELLATIONS:   clients please contact us  (24 hrs) minimum prior to your appt. to let us know. 

  2. if a client is LATE FOR their APPT. (15+ minutes) without Advanced Notice, we can cancel your appointment and you will need to reschedule.   sorry..

  3. If any Client, new and former,  is a No Show or missed their Appt.: and has NOT given us 24 hr. min. prior notice, we have the right to bill you for the full appt. cost.  It is client's  responsibility to honor their appt and if they dont, payment in full is required, sent to the office by mail and due within 2 weeks from date of client's appointment.   If payment is not received within 30 days we can take legal action to secure our losses. Our sessions are very lengthy and  comprehensive.  we urge you NOT to miss your appt..

  4. Please Drink plenty of Pure filtered water daily.    

  5. Please Avoid Eating (2) Hours Before  your Quantum Reiki appt. or eat a lite vegetarian meal if possible 

  6. please No SUGAR (1-3) days before your appt. for optimum energy benefits;

  • Processed Sugar is highly toxic to the physical Body (cells) 

  1. We have the right to refuse Service or class to anyone, client or student at any time. 

  2. ANTI- DEPRESSANT DRUGS: These drugs in particular have very strong affect  to the Brain cells and emotions . The brain is the control center; the body's Cells were created with dna and specific job programs...  they need to Self govern; drugs can alter the amount of Cosmic Universal energy the brain will allow during one's quantum reiki treatment

  3. All Reiki Golden Healing sessions are Private and Confidential. 

  4. All Clients under age 18 must be accompanied by an Adult.  For Distant Q. Reiki Clients (people) under age 18, please have an adult in the room you will be in to receive Q. Reiki.

  5. We need to add this as there are all kinds of energies, light and dark, on this planet:   NO rude, offensive, uncomfortable, or unsafe feeling,  or dark vibrational entity, that is interfering in a negative harmful way with our Q/Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Aranka Fisher or others in the office, will be allowed into our office,  classes, and or client sessions and the offensive person will be immediately asked to leave; any tuition and dues paid and remaining will  not be refundable. 

  6.  If we feel there is/are any harmful energies, neg. or dark vibration,  connected to the client or student, on any level of consciousness , and the dark or neg.vibration is a menace, interfering , causing discomfort to our Q/Reiki practitioner or the client,  the client will be asked to leave and their session or class attendance will end immediately, any remaining time paid for or tuition paid for will not be refunded. 

  7. if you make an appt. with this practice you are agreeing to our Business Terms herein. We take our work seriously and hope you do too. thank you.  



I Aranka Fisher, am a trained Holistic Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Practitioner,  owner of Reiki Golden Healing in State of WA.. I am  registered with RMA and ICRT- International Ctr. for Reiki Training (Reiki.org) as an Affiliate member.   

I, Aranka fisher, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease.

My spiritual (a Higher Universal Source Consciousness connection) quantum reiki energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed  physician or healthcare professional..

I assist people and animals in correcting their energetic imbalances in their many chakras, whole body and the bio-field that assists the body in activating its natural energy healing ability. When the energy of the body is balanced and moving correctly, the body's cells' natural energy abilities heals itself.  but Various imbalances in the body may require further treatments to facilitate the body’s healing process.


I recommend that clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice. my work is a complement Spiritual energy service to regular allopathic medicine.  All healing is self-healing. I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work or of the quantum reiki energy sessions.    If any Client or Student might experience a bodily discomfort for any length of time, they shall not hold Aranka Fisher or Reiki Golden Healing liable for any discomfort, disorder or condition(s).  I or  the spiritual energy healing work of the Quantum Reiki method,  would never cause any harm to anyone during their session or class.    Thank you for coming and for your wonderful loving support.  Love Aranka Fisher


Call Aranka at 509-230-5453   Open by Appt. 

Appt's: Mon-Fri. 1pm - 6:30pm,  Sat-Sun Varies

2017 E. 29th Ave. Lev 2, Spokane WA 99203

Aranka Fisher, Q/Reiki Teacher,.Pract, Reiki Mst, RMA..

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