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Hi Aranka,

I’ve been soaking in the afterglow from last week ...

I have the feeling that our energetic body and (ultimately our physical bodies) accumulate heavy, stuck, sludge energy from our experiences in the physical world and occasionally need to have “liquid drano” applied to get the flow going again and release the old stuck energy/experiences that accumulate in our lives.    
Your Q reiki energy session  is that liquid drano.  

When I sat down on your couch and you handed me those crystal wands, I felt like my hands were jumper cables hooking up to a ‘battery charged vacuum cleaner’, with light and healing force that went to work as we sat and chatted.   


I felt my thoughts lighten and quicken with insight as the “sludgy” stuck energy that had accumulated was stripped away and sucked back to be recycled to the universe. 


The “vibration of life” was tuned back to the flow of the universe and allowed the necessary preparation to receive and absorb the session that was to be shared with you.   

My thoughts went to higher concepts and I felt like I was in a safe and welcoming spot to share and receive.  

...your office felt like a ‘microcosm of the universe’ as I observed the flow of the room and the directions that each part of the room held their own unique presence yet was part of the whole. 

 This morning I had the image that all your books and crystals in the center of your room,  represents the center of the universe that holds all the knowledge and gifts that make up the flow of universal energy; and all we have to do is direct our attention to these things and seek the wisdom that is available when we are tuned in to receive.   Keep adding good things to the center of your room and keep the wisdom growing.  

I have found that the few crystals I picked up while in CDA have had a positive impact on the energy in my home and I thank you for encouraging me to get some...

I look forward to growing this fire of energy you have helped me relight and will share it as I move around the planet on my travels.  I will stop in again soon,
All the best and be well  :-) Bryan .L  Bethlehem PA 2018 + 2019



By far, this was the best Reiki Healing session I have ever had - which has since changed my life for the better - all thanks to Aranka's experience, kindness, wisdom, and professionalism. Thank you for your dedication and for your light. It is very much appreciated.  H. D.  Los angeles CA 2018




A note of in depth gratitude to Aranka my Reiki


due to so much misleading information had fear to go forward with the session.but Aranka was very calm and reassuring of its

benefits. This helped in so many ways.

Aranka was very patient in fully explaining 

the process, the rest was history. 

I must say, she lead me into areas of energy

that I've never felt before doing meditation. 


She also helped me to understand the proper 

process of entering into meditation to get the fullest benefits from it and how to send the energy into areas where the energy is needed.


Many people struggle with opening their third eye.

The problem for me was, not understanding

how the third eye works.

She help me to have the right understanding about the third eye and open it up on my first visit.


I truly recommend her with no hesitation. 

Much blessings and thanks to you Aranka.

David G Sr  ,  GEORGIA , 2017




Hello Aranka

I am feeling better and more able to re center back to Love Source and Mother Earth energy. I have had recall of the info you shared that is so helpful.

I also have had some difficulty with going back to ego patterns so i am practicing the meditation every day and breath focus during the day.. Thank you. I will come in and see you again soon.. 

Love and Light, Tracie K, Post Falls, 2018




Hi Aranka

I'm back in Los Angeles now and daily thankful for the new Reiki Meditation/mantras you've taught and inspired in me. It's kept me well grounded in this crazy time and I wish I had met you 20 years ago.

I think of you often and I know things will turn awesome for you soon cuz you are an amazing light and a truly kind soul. 


Thanks too for the wifi info. I turn everything wireless off now until I need it

Anyway thank you again for all you do. 
Heather D, Los Angeles, CA 2017


I have been struggling with anxiety for many years. 

Aranka helped me connect to my soul and see myself as a conduit of love and light.  I remember waking up at some point during our session and feeling my whole body vibrating with energy. 

I have not had any anxiety since.  

Thank you,  Anna K., Los Angeles CA. 2016


“Aranka is a very talented Reiki Master. I felt many different sensations during the session in problem areas of my body. I fell into a dream state during the session. Afterwards I felt expansive and very grounded at the same time. Aranka’s knowledge of astrology, crystal therapy, and chakras was very impressive as well.

Lovely soul and I’m glad our paths crossed.” E. C Spokane WA 2018


(a student we had )

hi Aranka

I've been thinking of you.
I love you.

That is all.

Patty P.   Salt Lake City Utah, 2016 


My Dearest Aranka,


Just thank you. So beyond words thank you. Literally scariest hour of my life [bush fire started at our ranch] but the comfort of feeling your energy (distantly healing the area, sending golden Light) gave me hope and strength. My sister even felt the energy. She said, without any prompting 'my whole body is tingling and I feel like I'm in a gold

light right now'.

So thank you thank you thank you,

Erin and Z.  Deer park WA,   2016





Meeting with Aranka for the first time last week was a very personal experience. She is amazingly knowledgeable, caring, and passionate.


I have tried for years to “get over” past trauma but it still negatively affects my relationship with myself and others. the opening and release I felt after just the first session has renewed my drive and confidence that I can be free of my past struggles and inner critic.

Thank you Aranka. I look forward to our next session.

Jaclyn, Spokane WA   2016



Hi Aranka,

Thank you for your amazing energy and love you've poured into my little family (the animals, pets and people)  

  Erin,   Deer Park WA,  



Hi Aranka,

I feel very much at peace with myself and my family. The kids and I are enjoying our new connection.

The experience / cleaning up was so needed and welcomed.  


Pressure to "perform" is greatly diminished as is the strong ego.

Thank you , and all masters for pushing me into this understanding.  i will schedule another reiki session .  it was amazing. 

Much love Cindy,   Spokane



Hi Aranka:  I felt lighter and wonderful on Friday. I have been dreaming alot and my mind has been busy looking up books, etc.  I also have my natal astrology chart  I will bring to our next session for you to gaze at...


 I SOOO enjoyed our time together and look forward to seeing you soon.  Hugs, MH , Spokane  



hello Aranka

last week's reiki session was great, I  feel very energized and balanced this entire week. I spent the whole weekend in the woods... was very peaceful. I hope to see you soon for the reiki class. warm regards

Aaron,   2015 spokane



I want to thank you for your guidance and wisdom in helping me heal.

You made me feel comfortable and at ease, and I am sure you'll help many others like me.

If I move back  I'll keep you in mind should I need some energy work. Again, thank you, Aranka. 
Best, Annie ,  2015, spokane



Thanks so much Aranka.  Randi enjoyed it and slept very well last night... J. and R ,  Porland, OR  2015




My first session was remarkable.....

there was a lot of darkness, then violet colour, then brilliant white light.....


I felt that the darkness and then violet were emotions and 'garbage' that were being released from my cells and once cleared, were filled with beautiful white light. This happened several times throughout the session. 


The second session was less intense and more relaxing....maybe most of the ugly stuff had been ejected!  I felt peace-filled and relaxed.  

 Aranka, you are one powerful healer!    Thank you,   DP, spokane, 2015




Hello Aranka,


My brother John mentioned that you have been wonderfully supportive to him in recent weeks as he has been dealing with some key physical and energetic challenges... thank you for your generous and caring support of my brother!  

May your kindness to him come back to you in bountiful ways....

Warm regards, Stephe  (Seattle, 2015)




Hi Aranka,

I am very happy,  went to the Doctor and I am doing excelent, everything is normal, I am healed.

Thank you, lots of love, peace and joy.

Teresa,   Aug 2015 spokane




Aranka, You are amazing, am so glad to have you a part of my life and journey I'm starting on.
Love ya,  Nic.  Spokane,  July 2015




Good morning Aranka. 

Just want to say "Hi!" and let you know I feel amazing.  I had a wonderful reiki party with my boys last night and for myself this morning. 

Life is so good and Im very grateful I manifested you into my world. 

Have a beautiful day,  BT,  2015 spokane




Good morning, Aranka,
Thank you for our session yest!  I didn't feel too loopy, but went to bed a little earlier. Had a bit of a headache.  Drinking water and tea this morning.

 I've meditated this morning and omg.....was able to gently push my mind aside and it was incredible...

the lightness I felt and like everything just opened up! 

I sent love and light to everyone!  I've begun my journey!

May you have a wonderful day!  I hope Porki had a better night, See you again!  Love and light to you, too!
Denise, Spokane 2015




 Aranka: Thank you so much... I will definitely be asking my Mind to step aside and asking my Soul to help.  And I am so asking my Mind to trust in Aranka and everything you do [reiki work]. 


...When you worked on me, I know that you moved a HUGE amount of energy on my behalf -- i could feel the intensity in the whole house....when I was there I didn't want to leave,

I totally get the idea of observing and shining Love and Light --releasing whatever pain I might have...

-- I feel like we're part of the same spiritual family.

Thanks so much, 

Love John N,   Spokane, 2015 




Querida Aranka,

Only to tell you, I went to the Doctor and my liver is normal, my blood counts are perfect.  I am doing very well. 

Tons of love.   Teresa     Spokane 2015


[had colon cancer, liver problems but after 2-3 deep Reiki sessions great improvements] 




Again, I cannot overstate how much I appreciate you and your work -- you are an incredible gift to the planet. 

It was such an important thing that I found you within days of arriving back in Spokane.  


Thanks again SO much for EVERYTHING!!!

Love,  John , Seattle,   2015





After the deep Reiki energy session at Reiki Golden healing with Aranka I felt Amazing, comfortable...

everything that was shared or explained was understandable.


 The energy and information Aranka gave to me enlightened and filled my mind and body with clarity and a direction to my life. The anxiety and discernment I felt... has been taken away with a higher knowledge of peace. Nico, Spokane 2015





I had a thought this morning on a bus packed with people, that I feel a part of the earth and world more than I did before, when I always felt so separated from everyone.


I feel peace, calm and good...
I feel that things are falling into place for the remainder of the year and I'm expecting it to work out, without the worry or anxiety of searching all the time for 'more'.


Thank you so much, I feel incredible today and just a mild (reiki energy) headache, that passed in the middle of the night.

I look forward to another session... can't wait.

N.,  Spokane 2015




Aranka, I want to thank you for spending time with my little sister ----(name hidden). She seems well received by you and is receiving you well also.

You brought hope to her in many areas. You opened her eyes pertaining to connecting with her daughters. She needed to hear that from an outside source.


You truly gave her hope about creating a new dream business/ job ... and gave my husband and I hope too.

Blessings to you!!!    Namaste

Christie,  Spokane 2015




Reiki is an amazing thing!

No two people will ever have the same experience. I can honestly say that it has brought me back to Health several times, ie. my brachial plexus was impinged and my arm had become numb.

After receiving Reiki from Aranka my arm felt totally normal.


Whether you are looking for emotional or physical healing, you will feel better after a deep energy session with Aranka at Reiki Golden Healing.   Go In with an open mind and you will come out feeling great and much lighter.   Rachel,  Spokane 2013-15





what you did for me, is amazing,

I never felt this way in mind and body in many years and you have lifted the weight from my total being, for that I will be forever greatfull to you.


Much love, Perry C., Spokane WA, 2015




Thank you so much for all your kindness Aranka.


I’m still assimilating the Reiki experience …

I would recommend you to others in a NY Minute as your compassion and caring nature is so incredible and amazing.


Thank you SO much for sharing your vegetarian lifestyle with me… thanks to you (and Porkchop!). You generate health and good karma Aranka.  Thank you again!!!


....I honestly think you should give classes in healthy eating & organic cooking. I learned more from you in an hour than I’ve learned from all the books I’ve read on veganism & vegetarianism.   

Rose (Eastern WA Univ./ MURP Dept)  Spokane WA   2012




My thyroid is way smaller today!!

It's about 25% smaller today than it was yesterday before I saw you! 

I am so thankful for your amazing healing abilities, 

love Laura WA




Good evening Aranka,
Have been sleeping sounder, Learning to send my wishes and dreams to the universe's energy forces...  becoming instinctual, natural and familiar at the same time.

Opportunities to share positive energy seems to come my way.

So thankful for you. 

Loving Thoughts. Carolin , Spokane WA



I have received Reiki from Aranka numerous times, and every time it is a wonderful experience.


once I had brought my mom to see her but I was in excruciating pain from muscle spasms in my rib cage. it hurt to sit, stand, breathe...

Aranka said why don't you sit in the room, while I work on your mom, and you will also receive the benefits. I was skeptical...

Once she got started, I could feel waves of a tingly sensation throughout my entire body.


By the time she was finished, I was 200% better. The muscle spasm was completely gone. (energy healing helped my musculoskeletal issue). I was in a state of complete inner peace that I had never felt before.

This feeling of peace stuck with me for weeks after the reiki session!
-Laura ,  Spokane



Hi Aranka- Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful healing work on me and my Home.

Love and light, Mary, Spokane, 2013 




When I first decided to try reiki I really didn't know what to expect. I went in open and wanting to learn. I would feel my body get flushed, I felt like I was sinking into the bed.

After reiki I felt so rested and peaceful.


You were able to tell me things about me that there was no way you could have known. I felt optimistic about pretty much everything.

Since then I have been more interested in being healthy. I had a wonderful experience.

I would love to do it again.

Sam  WA



Hi Aranka, I am surprised i feel so much better. i've already reduced my use of [med's] and feel ok. but the best thing is that my emotions are feeling better. i'm not quite so despondent. thank you aranka...what a wonderful chance meeting. 

D.R, . 2013, Spokane WA




Hi Aranka,

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience of love and healing.

It was a great experience and I did not feel overwhelmed at all.

Shawn , Spokane 2014 - 2015 




Hello Aranka!  

It was a lovely session! I feel more open hearted. It's easy to smile and I am hopeful even though my life is shifting.

Thank you for the experience and the embrace.


You are lovely and I appreciate you. Thank you,

Sarah S, WA  2013








Thank you all so much for taking the time for me and for tuning in and for providing such amazing insight / suggestions. 

I will take this all to heart and utilize all these powerful tools daily.


Love, John,   Seattle, 2015



[after 1st Distant  Reiki treatment;] 


Dear Aranka,

Yes I can feel energy but i am still very restless  and my mind is not calm. 

My throat infection a little better   Best regards

J., in Singapore, 2015


[after 2nd Distant  reiki treatment;] 

Dear Aranka,


You have been patient with me...

But let me tell after ur session I patched with my only brother in a big way after almost seven years...


I get a feeling that u r doing more than normal reiki.

My blood sugar is not pathological it is emotional...

I know Iam beginning to clear.

I have joined hooponopono course. will keep u posted ...

Lots of luv.  J., Singapore, 2015




Dear Ms. Aranka Fisher,
Thanks to reikigoldenhealing and you,

last night I had a unique, memorable experience.


In all my 80 years and plus I have never had the deep, restful sleep that I had last night.  During the two hours, from 10 p.m. to five minutes till midnt (IST)  [Distant Reiki was being channeled first hr.]  nothing existed. Indeed, I didn’t!  I am grateful to you for this...


I will keep thinking frequently of last night’s session. I already am. Because it is cleansing me, especially mentally and spiritually.

 ...I am feeling lighter.


I am grateful to all, you, and especially Lord Ganesha, for this slow but sure transformation.  I thank God for giving me four lovely children, seven grandchildren on whom I dote, and true, real Friends.

I am the one who is reaping the benefits of these Blessings.

Gratefully yours,
K. Bhaskaran ,  Bombay India
Sep 2014 (more sessions given Spring 2015)




Hi, Aranka,

I have been processing the reiki session …. You were spot on about Teddy  dog]... I am feeling more hopeful and motivated.

Thanks so much for doing the reiki for me! I think it made a big difference and I am hoping to continue on a positive track.


I know my purpose is to simply “hold the light” but it is good to get a reminder now and then!

Charlene , Indiana 201


(new reviews are added as we get around to it)  

Thanks for looking

Reiki Golden Healing





Thank you so very much for the reiki classes and all you offered and gave us!  Incredible!  You are incredible! 

I hope Porki is doing ok  He is s sweet boy.

love,  Denise  



Hi Aranka,

How are you and Porki? 

I've practiced some Reiki and it's been amazing at times!


My sister, said her bite/abscess is all healed and it was practically gone the day after we all did DISTANT group REIKI  on her in Reiki 2 class.  

D P,  Sep 2015 Spokane



Hi Aranka,

(update on this week after Reiki 1 class and my Attunment by you); 


I had flu like symptoms when I got home. next day woke up feeling awful, with a bad attitude about everything which I do not ordinarily have.  on my walk at lunch my hands started to tingle and I really started feeling better (mentally).


I googled Reiki Attunements and many people reported similar stuff.  That made me feel so much better about the situation and detoxing. 


When I got home, even though I didn't feel well, I felt like I had to go jogging and wow, what a jog!  I felt great the whole time I had so much energy.  Today I am mentally feeling very good and I'm drinking a lot of water.  Brenna, Spok 2015


Hi Aranka

i hope you and your wonderful dog are enjoying the sun. I'd like to thank you again for all of the time you took to help me realize what is actually happening...


I dreamt all night of all the things I saw, during my dreams I was told that I came to you for help because of your beacon of golden light.

  Love Krystal,  Spokane WA.  2015  [Meditation classes]





[? List any experiences learning and doing 'deep whole body Self healing Meditation' guided by Teacher?:]


I was able to feel energy all around me and tingling in my fingers.  I also saw different colors mainly yellows and greens.


But the energy was strong and loving and I could really feel the love surrounding me and waking up my cells, my body almost  jittery after.  

JR, (Reiki 1) , jan 2015, spokane




Hi Aranka,

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and teaching!!! And for the flowers! I love them! I hope you and Porky are doing well!

Love Mariasha,   2/2015 Spokane


...Aranka gives a lot of herself to her students. Very caring, enthusiastic, and encouraging.  Thank you.    Mariasha  2015




 I felt very enlightened when I received my reiki attunements. the reiki methods were described in great detail, better than most. I loved the classes they were beyond my expectarions! 

I would highly recommend Aranka,

Rachel H.   2014 Spokane




[Did the classes meet your desires and expectiations?]:


Absolutely! The classes started my soul journey, incredible connection to source energy.  I love the way Aranka allows me to be free.

Elizabeth L. 2014 Spokane





[Describe any enlightening experiences you had in Reiki 1-2 classes?]


I have connected to mother earth energy- can feel the divine source. I am more intuitive. i got more from Aranka than I ever expected from a reiki class.   

Thank you  Gaye,e



I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki training experience with Aranka.

The classes went beyond Reiki.   We explored the metaphysical together sharing experiences and learning more than I ever imagined.


Aranka is extemely intuitive and has much knowledge to pass on.  

She truly cares about her students and patients!


Her classes are uplifting, healing and moved me forward on my very gradual metaphysical journey.


Aranka went the extra mile to make our time together what I wanted it to be, and the bonus is, I found a lifelong friend!  

Gaye S , WA  2014



Hi Aranka

I am feeling much better.

My body has adjusted to the increased energy and when I couple that with a change in diet, I have felt really good physically and mentally. 

It has been great. 


I am able to connect to source much easier that I had previously.  I can feel the energy whenever I choose... look forward to seeing you.

Take care.  Lisa, Otis Orchards WA



[List any experiences you had in learning to connect with Universal light energies?]   


I did feel energy and it helped me to understand alot about myself-

i felt very comfortable and appreciated how Aranka was very open to answering my questions and giving me good advice.

thank you.   Julie T. Spokane  2014



Hi Aranka,

Thank you so very much for yesterday's reiki sharing, i enjoyed

meeting Julie, the entire time helped me gain confidence. 

It was a very good experience for me. I look forward to Reiki 2!  hugs, Denise 2015







Hi Aranka,

Sam (cat) is doing great - we're so grateful, and she seems much happier.  She's going outside and eating now - she's starting to put on weight too. 

Louie (dog)  is also doing very well - her tummy has healed up and she's back to her usual jubilant self.

Thanks again for all your help - we so appreciate it!

Carole, Phoenix AZ   (2016)  


(Sam is an amazing Soul and in a cat body -her first time on Earth; she receives Q/reiki sessions freq. since 2015)


(after first distant Quantum Reiki treatment )

Hi Aranka

Lejla (dog) is doing better.   

I feel like we're turning a page in her mood especially.

She's still having issues, but overall she seems much happier. And she's excited to eat which is much more like her.

Had a great consult with the holistic vet last night and will be starting her on home cooked diet tomorrow. Thank you! All our best,  Erin,   Deer Park, WA, 2015


(after several Q/R sessions)

I did feel a lot of energy being channeled (to her, Lejla and all the animals on their farm) and Lejla was so relaxed. Lejla did vomit last night, but ridding herself of something  she didn't 'need to hold onto' and seemed unaffected afterwards. 




Morning Aranka,  

I am flat out in awe of the changes I've seen in my dog Lejla since starting reiki on her. She's had four sessions with you and she's nearly back to her normal self.


She was so incredibly sick prior to starting reiki with you; her whole body hurt, she was refusing to eat, her whole gastrointestinal tract was dysfunctional and she was incredibly depressed.

My vets were at a loss of what to do next and merely suggested more drugs.


Aranka , you not only helped me to see where and why Lejla was hurting but helped me make the appropriate steps in healing her as a whole from the inside out and on a soul level.


Lejla is my 'kid' for all intents and purposes and I cannot thank Aranka enough for the copious amounts of healing love and energy she poured into my girl and bringing her back to me.

Thank you !    Much love,  

Erin & all the furry kiddos,  Deer Park, WA  11/2015



Hi Aranka,

Elke (dog) seemed more relaxed about her enviornment, which is a huge improvement!. Rain, wind, thunder all wig her out 


I have since, also, given her reiki and I feel it has helped her. 

At first she was hesitant, but now, she welcomes it.  love D,  

Spokane 2015 and 2016




Hi Aranka,

I wanted to thank you again for all your help with Sam (older cat). 

She is continuing to heal and I'm so happy also 


I wanted to let you know about  scalar healing ...

( I thought of your Porky..)  


Thanks again,  Carole  11/2015   Phoenix, AZ




Hi Aranka,

Thank you, Sam (cat) is doing much better. the vomiting is considerably less and she seems to feel better.


[after another dist. reiki session]

... she is better,  actually played yesterday - it's been so long since she engaged in any play.  We appreciate all you do.

Thank you,  Carole , Phoenix AZ,  (summer 2015)  


[Sam got dist. reiki sessions for a few months now for: breathing (throat) problems,  severe skin disorders, vomiting, moodiness, emotional imbalances]





Hi, Aranka~

Re: my cushing Horse Meegy, down flat with two abscessed hooves 3-4 wks 


(Meegy's (horse) 1st Distant Reiki treatment )

Thanks so much for your energy healing!  he was on his feet the entire time during reiki... plopped down and was done for the night.... reiki session had ended.  During the session, he was much more cheerful and happily eating carrots, beets, and corn the whole time. he has not eaten anything for 3 days so this was very encouraging


Thanks for the suggestion to feed him root vegetables, he loved it. 

was turning his nose up at the grain and hay...


He seems to have his appetite back and in much better spirits.Thank you so much for your help!!!  Love and hugs, Charlene, Nashville Indiana 2014


(Meggy's 2nd Distant Reiki)

Thanks so much Aranka!  He ate real well this evening,  I snuggled next to him.. .


We decided to try the sugar poultice, (helps gangrene too),  found a couple of socks big enough...  left it on for maybe 4 hours.  Seemed to dry out the wound somewhat. Charlene,  Indiana  2014






My Dear Aranka, 

we thank you for your presentation at Metaphysical Research Society (MRS in Spokane). You have a gift of confident delivery ...

your constant engaging of the audience stimulates many provocative questions. 


You are one of the most authentic, inspired and committed healers in this area. We are so blessed to have you with us. 

I look forward to another opportunity to experience your most unique and powerful insights, spiritual credentials.


Jerry Collins, Pres. 

Metaphysical Research Society, Spokane, Jan  2015


Vendor at Holistic Fairs at

Unity Center, South Hill, Spokane WA 

2014, 2015, 




( from 2015- )

we had a big ladies nt. last night, fantastic energy, it was enlightening...

A & P   2016



Hi Aranka, Thank you for the group meditation,

say hi to everybody.   Love you Teresa , Spokane, 2015




I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to the lovely gathering last night at your house. You are a wonderful host! 

It was really nice to connect with such gifted healers and such really nice people and also to get to spend time with your lightworker of a dog (Porkchop).  What a great dog!

Anyway, thanks again for your tremendous hospitality and for your most delightful sense of humor!

Cheers, John N.    2015




Hi sweet Aranka,

It Was a  pleasure to be with you.... We will miss you a lot...

Lots of love Teresa ,  in Mexico


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