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Reiki Golden Healing in Grapetree mixed use .jpg


Welcome to  Reiki  Golden  Healing  

Thank your  beautiful heart & Soul for guiding you here and allowing us to help you.   We offer a very evolved Universal Energy Healing method called Quantum Reiki, as Sessions and Classes.  We  serve People, Pets and other Animals, to be deeply enlightened and to evolve in knowledge, expanding in Consciousness.


 Energy healing is also called Vibrational Energy Medicine.  Our Quantum Reiki Teacher, Energy Healer, Reiki Master is Aranka Fisher and she created Reiki Golden Healing in 2012.We are located in the lovely South Hill area of Spokane WA  



goes way beyond traditional Reiki... it uses advanced Cosmic Loving light Energy healing knowledge from evolved Spiritual or Souls and Source knowledge to help activate deep transformational healing naturally in most  life forms on Earth. The  whole Life form  is also approached as having  7 Key energy systems or Parts:  a Soul, Chakras, Mind, Cells, emotions etc.. We have created a deep Quantum meditation method to also create this amazing whole being self healing activation and getting the 3rd eye (pineal Gland Activated and connected to ones Soul.... etc.

Quantum Reiki was created by Aranka Fisher, Reiki MAster in 2012  from deep Soul & Earth meditations & guidance,  from the golden family of Cosmic light, Source and amazing Crystals information.  We are all made of energy and have a Soul that created us and all come from different past lifes;  Aranka can easily and quickly get Higher  connected to multidimensional  cosmic Light energies & she has evolved  Higher skills to be used on earth for positive loving healing and helping others to activate Self healing , to become Higher Aware, let go of ego and fear and embrace our amazing creative loving Soul body mind emotions Intuition and Heart.... 



  • Reiki Golden Healing was started by Reiki Master Aranka Fisher in 2012. .

  • a magnificent Higher Univ.  multi-dimensional,  benevolent Source Light Energy Medicine used to help any Life form holistically.

  •  as per the Quantum Reiki system the whole Body*  is made up of 7* Key Parts, (see Services pg for info).

  •  it was developed in 2012 by Aranka Fisher, from deep meditations, research, and Higher guidance from her magnificent old cosmic Soul, Earth Soul and Source.

  • Quantum Reiki Pract. and teacher, Aranka Fisher is pure in heart, caring, open and honest, with telepathic abilities to read One's physical character, vibrations, energy, what level their Soul incarnation is dimensionally...  She loves Animals and Earth and has great hope for Earth and her life forms to awaken to a higher more compassionate way of being. 

  • The QUANTUM REIKI ENERGY HEALING session is described on the Services pg. 

  • in the session you can learn about your Soul, who you truly are on a Soul level  (from past lives), why you are on EARTH now and much more.. 


For any information on our Services  please  Contact  us  via email  or  Call/Text   (509) 230-5453.    Thank you. 


we are located by Laguna Cafe in the lovely 'Grapetree' Ctr. (bldg. with light blue roofs, see picture below).  Park in back. 














B.  Traditional REIKI Energy Healing MEDITATION Classes

  • Reiki+ level 1  Healing Self  (Reiki L1 Certificate)

  • Reiki+ level 2  Healing Others  (Reiki L2 Pract. Certificate)

  • Adv. Reiki Training + (Adv. Reiki Practitioner Certificate) 

  • Reiki level 3 + (L3 Certificate combined with Reiki Mst)

  • Reiki Master level + (L3 & Reiki Mst. Certificate combined)  



Revised Reiki Principles / Mantras To Relax 

(say daily)

I will be Peaceful

I will be in Awareness

I will be Grateful

I will be creative and caring in my work

I will be kind to All life forms

 Be Aware of Your Thoughts - Are they Yours?  

or Are they Unloving, Dark, Negative, Coming from Ego...

....YOU Can Change them and Know The Truth 

Fill them With Light, Love, Higher Soul Knowledge Energy    


Are your thoughts coming from the Heart chakra,  Loving in vibration ....

 Or are they suddenly Unloving, Negative or Dark thoughts, and interfering with your life, your mind,  (those are coming from fear based 'programming'  and dark in vibration) ....

so you can  Stop this neg thought by just Saying:   I only allow the Truth from my Soul and love and light to guide my Mind....I remove and dissolve ALL neg. unloving energies and send them back to Source of pure Light energy to be transmuted to pure Love energy.


  •  notice how often your Mind will get a neg. thought  'out of the 'blue.'.    

  •  Instantly let go of the neg thoughts and think  Positive loving thoughts and ask your Soul to open your  heart and fill you with Loving thoughts 

  • the Human Mind and the body can be easily interfered by what is called Dark in vibration entities, from 4D-5D mainly,

  • The 'fear programming' on earth and into Human Consciousness needs to be Stopped and removed the second it  messes with one's Mind. 

  • we all have freewill , so  take charge of your Mind and protect it, just Fill your mind with Soul light and loving guidance.   

  • everyone's Positive actions and Loving thoughts will help Earth evolve !



Almost every Physical life form on Earth has a Soul  (A LIGHT LOVE ENERGY) and a soul Mission, Spiritual, Higher Purpose;  here we all live  in a 3.5 Dim density on this Earth physicality in a physical 'suit or vessel' (the body).  It is the Soul that chooses any its Self expression: where when and what it wants to be 'in' or as ' for self experiences.... and anywhere in the infinite many dimensional Cosmos.



A Tribute To Our Building Architect Glen Cloninger

The wonderfully creative, determined and unique Architect of the Grapetree building complex our office is located in was Glen Cloninger. He loved to create unique building designs with real earthen materials, fancyiful towers, heavy stone walls, lovely meandering green scaping , trees interwoven into parking areas. Earth and her Nature are precious and necessary as part of the bldg. designs in our work environments.


Glen also designed the Tapio Ctr. and many other unique buildings with fairy tale like brick and stone towers   I truly appreciate all he did to make Spokane beautiful. we miss your wonderful understanding of nature and architecture. Glen passed on in Dec. 2010. 

With love, gratitude and Light to fill Glen's Soul and his family always.  Thank you 


If you wish to help our business, you can use Venmo link on top of pg. (free for Debit cards) or PayPal Donate link below; Donate any amount you like, as often as you like,  Or mail us a check (address on top), thank you. we truly appreciate your helping ways.   are grateful. 


Call 509-230-5453  Open by Appt. 

Appt's: Mon-Fri. 1p - 6:30p,  

2017 E. 29th Ave. Lev 2, Spokane WA 99203

Aranka Fisher, Quantum Reiki Energy Healer & Teacher, Reiki MST. RMA..

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