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Welcome to  Reiki  Golden  Healing  

Thanks to your Beautiful Soul, Heart and Mind for guiding you here.  We are delighted to help you become deeply enlightened and energized in our evolved and comprehensive Quantum Reiki Session(s) and Quantum Reiki Classes that we offer.  These can deeply help you activate your Higher Self or Soul and whole Body (all parts ehteric and physical)  to be open activated to Higher levels of pure Light for healing knowledge and awakening to your own Higher knolwedge and discover the truth and your Higher skills !

We teach people our very evolved method of Quantum Reiki  to truly help you understand how Chakras work, the 3rd eye activation, Cosmic Source energy works, what is the Soul, incarnation, Source Light energy, Earth energy, how to use Crystals, how to access many higher dimensional Light Souls and energies in Quantum Meditation and receive the healing Light energy. Everything has consciousness and we can help you to raise your Mind's and whole body's consciousness to far higher levels of Pure Light (light carries info. ). 


Aranka Fisher is our Quantum Reiki Teacher, Energy Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master.  She began this practice in 2012 in Spokane Wa.

This method of Quantum Reiki and Quantum Meditation  was developed in 2012 by Aranka Fisher.

These are based on an evolved Higher Cosmic Consciousness knowledge from Source, our Souls knowing, New Earth Soul and infinite Light beings bringing a Higher benevolent Light , teach people how to free their 3d mind and discover their Soul and higher Purpose and activate their higher knowledge and skills..

.the key is Quantum Meditation to learn how TO connect to the Higher Soul and bring Love Light vibrational healing to your Mind and Being and Earth... with love compassion understanding and respect we can change the world to a Higher vibe & healthier place to live and evolve.. 

Quantum Reiki Energy Healing - Offer Enlightening Personal Transformations

We have been helping many People, Pets and Other Animals (locally and globally) since 2012 to get deeply detoxed, energized and

En-Lightened with cosmic Source Pure loving Light energy and Soul Light energy, expanding their mind's reality and bringing much higher awareness and freedom, to experience many more divine Higher levels of Soul and Cosmic Consciousness. . please see some of our Reviews .


please Contact us via phone, Call /Text  (509) 230-5453 or email. 

Thank you for being here to connect with us. 




come in and we can help you by sharing many holistic natural ways to heal and enlighten your Being. 

Since 2012, we have been helping many Evolved loving Souls and beings in human and other animal 'expressions' on this Earth now.  


Just make a Q/Reiki appt. and come discover your Soul purpose in this Life time,

you can learn how to let go of negative thoughts, false beliefs and fear and listen to your heart more,

to detach from limited fake programs on earth, all low vibrational non sense.,

.you can learn how to open your Pineal gland and activate (turn on) all your 12 major chakras... and get deeply enlightened, awakened to a far higher vibration of yourself in this lifetime...



Are You A Higher Vibrational Human Expression of An Evolved Soul? 

 (if you found us, than most likely you are..) 


  • Evolved Souls Are Those Souls Coming From Many Past Lives in the Higher Dim. Cosmos and Are New To Earth. 

  • These Souls are creating and Expressing Themselves thru all types of Life forms, ie., as Humans, Pets, other Animals, etc. on this Physical 3d Earth (level of consciousness) , to help Enlighten this planet and help evolve the race to a higher level in the cosmic matrix, a more benevolent level and advanced telepathic forms of Light communication and  Consciousness,.  

  • You all are Deeply Loved and Appreciated! 

  • you are a great bright Light to help evolve, heal and enlighten before the wireless technology radiation and toxic chemicals end it for this vibe of earth.

  • You are the Special beacons of LIGHT to help Earth.   We adore You.

Evolved Souls are coming from the Stars...from many Higher Light dimensions  to help save and enlighten humanity and Earth, they have highly advanced past lives (and are not from this Earth) :Evolved Souls have created self expressions on this Earth in Human form, or as Pets or other Animals in the last 100+ yrs. they are here on Earth to help bring Light, Love, a healthier way of living and to save Earth from the selfish dark forces. ;;;

... these animals and humans are far more Sensitive, telepathic, Loving, evolved in consciousness and many are artists, musicians, writers, scifi creators, very creative inventors, teachers, etc..

but they need a Higher Loving way and guidance to help them  ACTIVATE THEIR PINEAL GLAND (the gateway to the Higher Consciousness of Light knowledge and energy) and connect to their magnificent Soul and Source for healing, truth and guidance etc... This is our specialty.... We can help you our beuatiful Souls and darlings on Earth struggling to be YOU.   You are here as a very High vibration to teach the others low in vibe.... pls dont go down in vibe. 


(class dates are listed on our Facebook pg, see events)

QUANTUM REIKI  & Quantum Meditation Classes

Traditional USUI REIKI Meditation Classes

  • Reiki+ level 1  Healing Self  (with Reiki 1 Certificate)

  • Reiki+ level 2  Healing Others  (Reiki 2  Certificate)

  • Adv. Reiki Training  (Adv. Reiki Trng. Certificate) 

  • Reiki level 3  (Reiki 3 Certificate )

  • Reiki Master level  ( Reiki Mst. Certificate)  


Eckhart Tolle:

A Gentle Enlightened Spiritual Teacher has been teaching many people globally for many years that Humanity needs to 'Wake Up Now'...'TO BE CONSCIOUS and In Awareness'  to seek a higher way,  be open and Higher Soul guided Now by your Heart -the Feelings ctr. , Intuition (open their pineal gland) 

let go of the Ego-Mind   

He wrote in global best seller book, The Power of Now: let go of the ego-mind, 

he said:  "its always thinking your life and running things"- its of limited 3d awareness and serves Self first (not service to others). he calls the people following the mind ego , Unconscious' people" and that they are not awakened yet, not Higher guided or Conscious. (but more people are starting to think outside of the 'limited Box of beleifs' and get  awakened.) 






and take time out to be with nature, have fun, be creative, listen to sound healing music, do what you truly love, relax in the garden and be with nature as One ...

open your 3rd eye & let your Intuition guide you, be Higher heart & Soul guided ....

and lets all try to get Our heart to guide Us and let go of Mind ego ...

awaken your Higher Soul connection via 3rd eye

Help and take Care of Earth before its too late.



All smart devices that use Wireless technology are emitting DANGEROUS EM (electromagnetic) RADIATION

 heating & cooking the whole Earth and ALL her LIFE Forms 




as they EMIT EMF RADIATION, COOKING AND STRESSING , PULSING all life forms brains and bodys  24/7 causing all sorts of brain  and body cellular all life forms.  



5G is being globally installed  from 2019 (around Dec 2019 in US and EU) at about the same time a certain new 'c-virus' suddenly appeared in a certain large city in China, but in  7/2019, 5G was installed there and people immediately began to get sick (with Immune syst. disorders, high stress,  sleep issues, respiratory, heart and brain disorders were the most common.

5G wireless systems  can cause Humans, Animals, Pets, trees, birds, bees, and the Natural world many Health disorders respiratory and immune system failure, tiredness, fatigue, brain function disorders,  emotional, psychological and neurological issues,  reproductive issues, cancers, Alzheimer's, brain Fog,  memory loss, sleep disorders and infinite other health issues.     its  like Earth is being tested in a diabolical experiment,




EMF Shielding Bags for your phone or a FARADAY BAG,  copper Tensor field devices and tensor rings, shungite, a copper harmonizer disc,or other types of emf blockers on the cell phone, silver lined EMF shielding fabrics clothing , bedding etc. there are many co's you can search and get help from.


 revised Mantras To Relax  (say daily Morning & Night )

I will be Peaceful

I will be in Awareness

I will be Grateful

I will be creative and caring in my work

I will be kind to All life forms


Be In Awareness, Notice Your Thoughts

Are Your Thoughts coming from Light or Dark consciousness or collective fear programming?

1. Are your thoughts connected to the LIGHT Love energy Source, compassionate and free of fear... or 

2. are your thoughts 'coming from a limited fear Mind that may be altering your true Higher Soul vibration?


Just stop and Ask Your Soul & Heart to Guide your mind.....

to know the truth and discover your Higher Mission on Earth,

to be filled with Light and Love


Unfortunately mind programming of Fear and Limited 3D 'collective consciousness'  are still controlling the masses Mind's belief systems on this Earth; about 30% of humanity is awakened now and they are expressing their freewill, truly Higher Light Souls, and are not 'buying' into the limited info, fear and separation agendas from the dark forces..  the Higher Light will prevail and all life that is open in mind and heart will be helped to evolve in Consciousness, learn a Higher more peaceful & compassionate way of being on Earth;


Big new changes are coming from 12/18/20, as Earth enters the zodiac age of Aquarius...and goes thru the next 5 yrs. (2021-2025) .  





TRY and say these mantras to help calm the Mind and get to a Higher level of Light Soul connection etc.

this Quantum Meditation method was developed by Aranka Fisher at Reiki Golden Healing in 2012.

So, get comfy, be in a safe quiet place,  read the mantras below several times until it starts to feel good...then practice saying them with your eyes closed.  put on some meditation music, dim lights, then Just Say:

  • I create a huge shield of pure Light and love energy around my entire being to protect me from all harmful energies,

  • i only ALLOW pure Love and Light from Source of pure Light and my Soul to Fill my whole Body, Mind & Energy Chakras 

  • I Do NOT Allow anything Dark in Vibration to interfere with any part of my Being 

  • I remove and dissolve ALL neg. unloving energies, surround them and transmute them in Pure Source Love & Light and send them all back to Source of pure Light.

  • i ASK my mind to step aside and allow your 3rd eye (Pineal gland) to open, get connected to your Soul and be enlightened! so you can learn who you truly are on a Soul level, the truth about Earth, to receive knowledge from Higher levels of Consciousness,  ...pure Light, for healing, Love, guidance, abundance, etc.   

  • i ask my heart chakra and Soul to guide me, and  show me the truth, 

  • we can all Live in harmony on earth and we can work together to help SAVE Earth and evolve !

  • we all have Freewill, a Soul and we can create anything we desire for Self experience and we CAN change our neg. thoughts to Higher Lighter happy creative thoughts,

  • the Human Mind just needs to step aside and allow the Heart & Soul to guide free the mind from false and limited consciousness beliefs, neg. fear programs, human selfishness, drama,  3D).



Souls Are Created By SOURCE of the infinite Cosmic Light, Loving Energy, felt as Vibrations & frequencies

Almost every Physical life form on Earth has a Soul  (it is like a huge cosmic Consciousness of LIGHT LOVE ENERGY and contains its past lifetimes)



this 3.5D Earth is a physical experience but also is like a hologram, we all exist here  as a vibration in a Cosmic matrix with a 'time space' only on this 3d solar system reality)  



humans and most physical life forms on Earth have a physical 'suit or vessel' (the body).the Soul created and Source enlightens it, to have for Self experience, growth and learning ...for our Soul's growth in Light, expansion & evolution. 



A Tribute To Architect Glen Cloninger 

Mr. Glen Cloninger was a huge creative force in enlightening Spokane's Architecture, both in designs of commercial and residential projects.  

I had met him in 2008 when i was working as a furniture restorer artist  painter and Int. designer.   Before that i had a long past career in Architecture. Glen was very aware of the vital importance of trees and Nature  in Architecture.  He loved to create unique building designs with real earthen materials, stone, brick, glass, and metal roofs, colors and textures,  fanciful whimsical towers are a feature of many of his bldgs., with heavy stone walls. His main interest was planting lots of trees and creating park like seettings in his commercial complex designs, meandering green areas, bringing people and animals shade, and beauty and birds sanctuary.  Earth and Nature are precious.


Glen also designed the Tapio Ctr. and many other unique buildings with whimsical looking brick and stone towers.  I truly LOVE and appreciate all he did to make Spokane beautiful with architectural & Nature together. Glen sadly passed away suddenly in Dec. 2010....We send him and his family loving Light energies, much gratitude and Light always. 





we appreciate your donations very much; See the Venmo link on top of pg. (for Debit cards) or the PayPal Donate button below.  Thank you, much Love & Light to fill your whole Being always. 

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Aranka Fisher, Quantum Reiki Pract.& Teacher, Reiki MST.

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